Accounts Receivable Consolidation is a new product offered exclusively through Capital Partners Network. Having multiple short-term loans can mean numerous daily or weekly payments which can lessen the working capital available for a business. AR Consolidation is a program built to help businesses increase their cash flow and access to capital.

How it Works

Capital Partners Network works with merchants on consolidating all their current short-term cash advance and loan payments into one payment. The AR Consolidation program is not a debt workout, renegotiation or forgiveness, but a new program which pays outstanding cash advances and short-term loans in full.

Benefits of AR Consolidation

AR Consolidation allows for merchants to increase their cash flow and provides a new affordable working capital facility. With greater access to capital, the merchant can grow their business with enhanced purchasing power and operation improvements. For merchants strangled by daily or weekly payments, the impact extends to their ability to pay vendors or grow their business. AR Consolidation is the solution

The AR Consolidation is built for B2B businesses with good accounts receivable, but stacked with short-term loans and cash advances.

Industries include (but are not limited to):

  • Manufacturing

  • Transpiration

  • Distribution/Wholesale

  • IT Services

  • Staffing

Any B2B with a solid customer base and accounts receivables may qualify for this program.

CPN Affiliates interested in offering this product must be speak with their CPN Affiliate Manger, receive authorization, and execute a revised Affiliate Agreement.