CPN Freedom Package


Be your own Boss! Leave the boiler room atmosphere and forced sales quotas behind. Start your own company without the hassle and expense!  Have an office, open up one that’s convenient for you and CPN will provide all the lending resources, sales leads, support and tools for you to establish and build your own profitable business.


BENEFITS - As they say in the commercial “Who better to be the boss of you, than you?”.

  •     Unlimited Earning Potential
  •     Work where you want and when you want
  •     Business growth, add agents without the overhead 
  •     Broad, Diverse and Growing Product Line, enabling you to meet nearly every prospect’s capital needs
  •     Unparalleled Lead Sourcing and Marketing
  •     Complete Back Office Support as well as Prospect/Client Support
  •     Comprehensive Training from experienced industry leaders
  •     Branding, Marketing and Coop opportunities a standalone operation can’t match


Capital Partners Network’s Affiliates Leverage these great resources: 

1.    Turnkey Business with Tools and Support

  • CPN website landing page and or CPN Branding for use on your site

  • CPN Email (for you and all of your agents)

  • CRM system including dialer with B2B, UCC and SBA leads updated daily.

  • Deal submission and tracking

  • Paper work processing 

  • Lead generation

  • Gross Commissions up to 17%

  • Administration staff

  • Training

  • Full Disclosure and transparency

2.    Access to over 60 of the top lenders in the industry, with multi lender submissions to generate multiple offers quickly and efficiently

3.    White label program - ??

4.    CPN substantial submission volume yields  quick approvals, max availability for your clients, and max commissions for you.

5.    Commission pay as we get paid (do we need to explain, weekly pay period?)

6.    Affiliate Branded digital application

7.    Agent commission tracking, direct payment and reporting.  Bring them on we’ll handle their commissions and reports back to you.

8.    Training materials, and scheduled conference call training and webinars (when available)

9.    See cost and Revenue pro-forma?

If you are the kind of person that wants the structure of getting up in the morning and suiting up for work, we also have the option to work at our office in Tampa.  The program is the same in almost all aspects.  The difference is that we charge a desk fee of $300 per month to use our facilities.  The good news is that if you fund over $300,000 in business we waive the desk fee entirely.  We have a fully functional sales suite with wired and wireless internet.  Each station has a desk top computer armed with two screens and a VOIP phone for manual dialing along with a headset for the automated internet dialing and calling.  We also have a break room that is stocked, a refrigerator for your food, and free coffee

Frequently Asked Questions


1.    I have existing clients and can fund on my own, why do I need you? 
Answer: The main answer is COST!  Think about renting an office, hiring staff (even if its minimal staff), marketing campaigns, buying leads, building and developing a website not to mention hardware costs.  Secondly the relationships we have cultivated with lenders in this space are priceless and rare.  They have been built through over 10 years of experience.  We have the highest commission pay outs from the top lenders, the best buy rates and because of the volume of funding we receive the best customer service, CPN is on nearly every “priority” lists, yes they exist even if they aren’t advertised. 


2.    What type of lenders do your work with?
Answer: CPN has relationships with over 60 major lenders in the merchant cash advance, revenue based loan, leasing and term loan space.  This means we have the ability to attain approvals for A, B, C and D paper deals, and a wide range of terms to meet nearly every prospects needs.


3.    Do you provide leads?  
Answer: Yes.  CPN has a dedicated staff focused on lead generation utilizing the most up to date and comprehensive databases and tools available.  If we told you how we do it we’d probably have to Kill  … you get the picture.  CPN also provides Network Affiliates the latest call center technology on your desktop or laptop to make calls automatically along with displaying lead information and dispositioning calls for you.  CPN’s call center technology ties directly to our CRM product.  Our CRM enables you to work efficiently and effectively with prospects, stay on top of your pipeline, and close more deals. 


4.    What kind of leads do you provide?
Answer: CPN employs state of the art technology, sourcing the most up to date lead information on a daily basis.  CPN technology leverages UCC and SBA public and proprietary databases, as well as  incredibly effective “trigger” leads.  These are leads that get compiled as business owners apply for any kind of financial product in real time.  


5.    What does full back office support mean?
Answer: We at CPN understand that in order to make money and be successful in this industry you have to be free to do what you do best; focus on making calls and opening new doors, engaging prospects, and closing deals.  The paper work processing, submitting and reporting should be left to staff that specializes in this function.  CPN provides all of our Affiliates processing support so you can keep focusing on bring in deals and funding the offers you receive.


6.    What about emails, do we use our own email?
Answer: Image counts!  As a CPN Affiliate you will have a professional image including email through the Capital Partners Network as many additional email addresses as you need for your agents.  CPN email accounts  have unlimited storage are accessible through outlook,  any web browser and on your smartphone. 


7.    How does the CPN landing page work?
Answer: A CPN landing page provides a unique URL or web address you can publish and distribute, and will be printed on your CPN business card.  The landing page has room for a description of you, your business and your agents.  From the landing page your prospects and clients can get your contact info, your CPN digital application, request customer support , and access all of the product information pages.  The CPN site and your landing page is designed provide your operation a professional online presence, build confidence with your prospects and be an added resource to acquire new business.  You are able to link your landing page to all of your social media accounts; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ as a few examples.  Enabling you to leverage all of your social media contacts to drive more business for your operation.


8.    Can we sell more than just Cash advance?
Answer: CPN offers an extensive  suite of business lending, advance and business solution products.  As a CPN affiliate you are able to offer your prospects traditional and non-traditional capital products such as; Merchant cash advance, equipment leasing, revenue based loans, term loans and SBA loans, as well as  vital services such as Payroll processing, website development and marketing.  Through CPN you have  many of the key business products and services any business owner may need.  


9.    How does the commission split work?
Answer: Our commission structure is very simple and straight forward.    

MCA and Revenue Based Loans based on monthly volume retroactive to the beginning of the month:

1.    $0.00-$500,00 in funding = 75%/25% Split
2.    $500,000-$1,000,000 in funding = 85%/15% split
3.    $1,000,000 and over = 90%/10% Split

We always split gross commission generated by each individual deal.  The actual commission amount may differ depending on Credit Risk and Lender offer.  All commission amounts, buy rates and factors are kept fully transparent.   We do not play with people’s money, we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any kind of games being played with anything involving money in either direction.  Just like you would stop doing business with us if we were dishonest with your money, we will cut ties if we feel you are doing anything that would jeopardize our relationships and business reputation.  That said CPN has a strict policy against off contract additional fees being charged, please see our Affiliate Policy Manual for complete details


10.    When do you pay out commissions?
Answer: CPN knows its Affiliates work hard for their commissions and believes every Friday should be payday!  CPN pays all commission due and payable on Fridays.  CPN Affiliate commissions are due and payable if deal payment has been received by CPN before noon on Thursday.  Deal payments received by CPN after noon on Thursday the commission will be paid the following Friday.


11.    I have an existing book of business, do I have to bring that to Capital partners Network after I partner up with you?
Answer: CPN does not require you to transfer over your book of business when you signed, but, considering the CPN product set you have at your disposal it makes sense to get those clients reviewed for additional funding as soon as they are eligible.  Chances are CPN will make your client happier with improved funding availability, pricing or terms.  The client is happy and may have a referral for you.  You are a hero and remember the volume splits.  Could converting that one client be all you need to hit get to a better commission for the entire month?  


12.    If I fund enough to qualify for the next commission tier in the same month, how does that effect my commission?
Answer: CPN  commission tiers apply retroactively based on total monthly funding volume.  So if you do go over into the next commission in the same month, we will pay you the difference on the deals that you funded prior to jumping into that tier.


13.     Can I work from the CPN office?  
Answer: Yes CPN is located in Tampa Florida.  CPN offers a version of the Freedom Package designed for folks that want live in a terrific area of the country and want to work their business from our professional and well equipped offices.  We have fully setup sales suite with space to accommodate over 25 agents call us to talk about becoming a Freedom Insider(?).